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New Parents

One of life's most intense transitions is adding a new human being to your family. It affects everything in your world and if you are the one who has given birth, it has changed your body profoundly as well. It is common to feel a mixture of emotions and overwhelm. Sometimes our bodies even tell us we need help. We might feel depressed, weepy, anxious, irritable, numb and we might even have thoughts that scare us. If you are not feeling like yourself, make a note and seek help here or wherever feels possible.



Relationships offer the opportunity for bountiful connection and the risk of disconnection or abandonment. They are rich and complex and sometimes painful. Whether you are beginning a relationship adjusting to a new baby or you want to improve the quality of your connection, I welcome your courage to be vulnerable with each other and with me.



Transitions are not exclusive to couples and families. Life always has the ability to surprise us. Most of us want to live fulfilling lives with minimal suffering. What do we need to be able to weather life's storms and find ourselves feeling more free? I believe the answer is within each person. Allow me to explore with you what gets in the way of your most authentic way of being.


$120/hour, sliding scale based on income

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