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I have been supporting families since 2009 as a doula, midwife apprentice, therapist, childcare teacher, and parent educator. At the center of each of these roles is holding space for parents who are facing challenges during the early childbearing years.


I have a deep understanding of prenatal development, birth and the postpartum time through birth work and study. The birth of my daughter in June 2020 added another dimension to my understanding of the incredible transformation that babies bring to our lives. I continue to learn about the intricacies of the very beginnings of human development and how this affects relationships between partners, parents and children.


In 2018, I completed a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at University of Wisconsin-Stout where I learned how therapy can help people navigate transitions and improve their quality of life. I have continued my therapy training primarily through Somatic Experiencing, a 3 year program that began in 2019. This approach focuses on gentle re-education of the nervous system, which helps change long held patterns of behavior and re-integrates trauma that resides in the body.

Combining my experience in birth work and therapy training gives me a unique perspective in addressing the concerns parents face in forming new families. Through both I have supported people during some of the most vulnerable and powerful times in their lives. My approach is to connect with clients by listening carefully to their needs and responding in ways that increase confidence in their own abilities to improve how they live and parent.

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