I'm so glad you're here. It takes courage to ask for help and it takes energy to find a therapist who feels like a good fit. I would also guess you are experiencing stress from the changes brought on by the coronavirus, which is impacting so much of our lives. You may be experiencing changes to your life plans, such as your career, love life or parenting. If you are looking for support with an upcoming birth, adjustments in relationships, parenting concerns, or overwhelming feelings that arise from the new landscape, I have offerings for you.

I work collaboratively so you can access your inner and outer resources. This means I will hold space for your big feelings, offer compassion for your struggles and use my skills to help you increase your capacity to live, love and parent the way you want to. My primary therapeutic approach is Somatic Experiencing which helps your whole being return to a more relaxed state after stress and trauma. 

My areas of knowledge and interest include:

- Prenatal and postpartum mental health

- Supporting parents during the childbearing years

- Whole body integration through Somatic Experiencing

- Trauma healing and integration

- Life transitions

- Couple and relationship challenges